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00:01 - 00:07Here is the News from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
00:08 - 00:13Today in Britain the Labour party voted Jeremy Corbyn
00:14 - 00:18as leader of the Labour Party, the current party in opposition
00:19 - 00:20Kim Jong-Un congratulated the Labour Party on this
00:21 - 00:23Jeremy Corbyn has pledged that he will not use nuclear weapons
00:24 - 00:30for this Kim Jong-Un thanks Jeremy
00:31 - 00:35and as a return gesture Kim Jong-Un
00:36 - 00:38has announced that Britain will become
00:39 - 00:42the main supplier of dogs for the Korean Meat industry.
00:43 - 00:46when all the dogs are exhusted north Korea will Nuke the UK
00:46 - 00:49Ha Ha !
00:49 - 00:52What the fuck will the UK be able to do about it ?