Hitler finds out damos going to cappa
Mike Bug sent out a text there last Friday We'r trainin there Monday And i think wer playin Cappamore the 9th Pat crowe is retired and Seffie is injured for the year Bloody pussies Ah shur Damo Kiely will fill in for them


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00:00 - 00:03Mike Bug sent out a text there last Friday
00:04 - 00:05We'r trainin there Monday
00:05 - 00:07And i think wer playin Cappamore the 9th
00:08 - 00:12Pat crowe is retired and Seffie is injured for the year
00:12 - 00:15Bloody pussies
00:17 - 00:19Ah shur Damo Kiely will fill in for them
00:19 - 00:21Hel do a job in the corner
00:24 - 00:26Sir...
00:27 - 00:28Damo...
00:31 - 00:33Damo is transferrin to Cappawhite
00:34 - 00:36He wont hurl with us any more
00:53 - 00:58Anyone who has ever got a dirty slap off Kiely at trainin leave now
01:13 - 01:15Ah jaysus what is he thinkin!!!!!!
01:15 - 01:17Goin to cappa to win trophies i spose!!!!
01:18 - 01:23The only trophies they ever win are camogie ones
01:25 - 01:28He may as well be gone to fuckin pallas
01:29 - 01:31Or Ballybricken
01:31 - 01:34Next kevin lenehan will be lookin for a transfer
01:34 - 01:37And Martin byrnes!!!!
01:37 - 01:40Everyone will want to leave the bloody club
01:40 - 01:42But shur he wasn gettin game time
01:42 - 01:46Either was rocky stapleton n isnt he a committed doon man?
01:46 - 01:48Ah shur he only wants a few games under his belt
01:48 - 01:52Goway to fuck hes only goin for d silverware
01:53 - 01:54Ive heard it all now
01:56 - 01:57Does eddie know?
01:57 - 02:00He wont be able to go to mass without gettin funny looks now
02:00 - 02:03peggy lysaght wont sell em spuds
02:04 - 02:08and pat whelan wont serve em a pint
02:08 - 02:13Theyl have to go to Armshaws for a drinky drink
02:14 - 02:16and the guinness is stink there
02:17 - 02:21cos Tony Berkery the dickhead works dere
02:27 - 02:29Hel take Sean Walls spot in the senior team
02:30 - 02:34Possibly kevin stapletons
02:34 - 02:36even russell quirke isnt safe
02:41 - 02:42Whos gonna put down the cones at trainin now
02:43 - 02:47whos gonna puck the ball back from behind d goals
02:48 - 02:53tis a pity n andy mackey over the junior a's n all
02:54 - 02:56He would have started damo in d corner
02:56 - 02:59Instead hel be playin shit teams like annacarty
03:00 - 03:02his strikin will go to shit over there
03:04 - 03:07Its alright Geraldine he can still go to doon matches to watch
03:14 - 03:16Hel be goin for tipp 21s trials next
03:19 - 03:23The new bonner maher deyl call him
03:25 - 03:26My hole
03:31 - 03:33Wait till the hooker kennedy hears
03:40 - 03:46mick mackey would be turnin in his grave
03:46 - 03:49Fuck it tis all the one
03:53 - 03:56Ring whelan there wel go for a drinky drink....