Dimitri reacts to Schweinsteiger signing


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00:00 - 00:02City will win the League and CL next year, no question about that
00:02 - 00:04with Delph winning the Ballon D'Or
00:05 - 00:06Nevermind these deluded blue cunts
00:07 - 00:08I know, don't worry.
00:08 - 00:11What do you think about Real wanting De Gea?
00:12 - 00:13I'd tell those Real fags to suck my fat russian dick
00:13 - 00:16De Gea is ours, I love the ginger cunt
00:16 - 00:18Do you think United can win the league next year?
00:18 - 00:21It's hard to say, our midfield needs strengthened
00:21 - 00:25Carrick is good but he's on his last legs
00:25 - 00:27 and Fellaini is still a muppet
00:28 - 00:29So I don't think we can win the League
00:30 - 00:33We only have Blind and Herrera
00:33 - 00:36and we also need a striker because Falcao and RVP are gone
00:37 - 00:38Schweinsteiger just signed for Manchester United
00:38 - 00:39Schweinsteiger just signed for United.
00:41 - 00:44Schweinsteiger, are you on a wind-up?
00:44 - 00:46No, Rummenigge just confirmed it on the news.