Auburn Football Search Committee
Inside the war room as the committee considers various candidates.


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00:00 - 00:03Coach Steele's sabotage plan worked to perfection.
00:04 - 00:05Gus has finally been sacked.
00:05 - 00:07The Bunker, however, will destroy our plans
00:08 - 00:12to promote Steele & Garner
00:12 - 00:15if we do not move swiftly and with authority.
00:17 - 00:19This pleases me.
00:19 - 00:21Gus locked me out of practice & meetings for far too long.
00:24 - 00:26Yellawood...
00:27 - 00:28...there is a problem.
00:31 - 00:33#stopsteele is trending on Twitter. I just checked.
00:34 - 00:36A Steele hire appears to be untenable to the average fan.
00:53 - 00:58Everyone here leave unless you have touched one of Coach Dye's Japanese maples..
01:13 - 01:15The Good Ole Boys have always run this ish!
01:15 - 01:17We didn't just spend $21 million firing Gus
01:18 - 01:23to not be able to tell the DC when to call a blitz on ocasion!
01:25 - 01:28I invented the blitzkrieg in the first place!
01:29 - 01:31Where the hell do you think Joe Lee Dunn learned it?!?!
01:31 - 01:34Gene Chizik was so damn grateful we pulled him out of Ames, Iowa
01:34 - 01:37that he let us give little Timmy free reign in the football complex!
01:37 - 01:40Who do you think told Terry Bowden to put Pat Nix in the Iron Bowl in '93?
01:40 - 01:42I thought Stan White got hurt during the game?
01:42 - 01:46We are going to show the world what JABA truly means!
01:46 - 01:48What about dictating assistants to other interested coaches?
01:48 - 01:52We have been doing that for years! Come up with something else!
01:53 - 01:54Listen to me...
01:56 - 01:57...I get to decide when to punt or go for it.
01:57 - 02:00I want my own damn headset
02:00 - 02:03like I get when I go to 'dega!
02:04 - 02:08If these "candidates" can't agree to that to hell with them all!
02:08 - 02:13Kevin Steele was going to let me roam the sidelines
02:14 - 02:16so we can once again return to the glory days of the 1980s!
02:17 - 02:21Who the hell do these season ticket holders think they are? They don't even have a suite!
02:27 - 02:29What is Twitter anyway?
02:30 - 02:34How can average fans have any say in this hire? That's insanity?
02:34 - 02:36The heights to which Auburn can climb
02:41 - 02:42as long as I get my way!
02:43 - 02:47Cristobal is too much of wolf for our political treachery. He won't come.
02:48 - 02:53Napier is too smart for us.
02:54 - 02:56#stopsteele has already worked.
02:56 - 02:59It is time to call Neal Brown, or even worse,
03:00 - 03:02we may have to go after...him.
03:04 - 03:07Trust me, no way we go after him. I promise.
03:14 - 03:16I did not want it to come to this.
03:19 - 03:23But if these people want JABA to the max,
03:25 - 03:26then that is what they'll get.
03:31 - 03:33Call JGT and tell him to adjust the Hot Board.
03:40 - 03:46It is time for Bill Clark.
03:46 - 03:49Put him at 60% and rising.
03:53 - 03:56War Eagle anyway.