JD let's us THINK we have a choice in Classic WoW.
JD interviews Eric and Collin to get "their opinion" on what they will play, even though he has other plans.


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00:01 - 00:06I'm glad everyone has "agreed" to play horde.
00:06 - 00:10With that behind us, I'd like to know what you both will be playing.
00:10 - 00:12Eric you are ok with shaman correct?
00:14 - 00:16Well... yeah I do like shaman
00:16 - 00:19I think he said maybe hunter instead right?
00:19 - 00:21*Cough* just drop windfury bitch *cough*
00:21 - 00:26Well it's ok you can still dps as elemental. I want to go lock and we can own together
00:26 - 00:27*cough* priest
00:27 - 00:32I know we can't be alliance this time but let's try and have some fun with it alright?
00:32 - 00:35Sure paladin is my destiny, and you are a sick hunter
00:35 - 00:40*JD laughing*
00:41 - 00:46You guys know you're both heal bots right? Resto and disc for heals and dispels only
00:46 - 00:50I'm trying to seem empathetic here and let you feel like you have a choice
00:50 - 00:54*JD laughing*
00:55 - 00:57Ok well forgive me for thinking we....
00:58 - 01:00Look just shut up and roll priest ok?
01:01 - 01:05I need dispels against mages and you need to spend your time healing me
01:05 - 01:11So no more talk about "having fun". Stop before you corrupt Eric and he goes hunter again
01:11 - 01:16I think lock and hunter was pretty successful and we had some good moments
01:16 - 01:17Whatever
01:17 - 01:20I mean blessing of freedom would have solved this issue
01:20 - 01:21*JD laughing*
01:20 - 01:23and I would get to play what I want at the same time
01:23 - 01:25PLUS Shizzler was a god among men
01:25 - 01:27and you are probably scared of me owning
01:27 - 01:39*JD laughing hysterically*
01:39 - 01:43But really back in the day I owned so hard - reck bombs were the shizzle
01:43 - 01:44*JD laughing*
01:44 - 01:47and Eric's hunter was always top 5 dps hands down
01:47 - 01:47We did own
01:47 - 01:49but JD likes Waluigi-frog
01:49 - 01:51cross bred bullshit so here we are
01:51 - 01:54These morons are still going on
01:54 - 01:55about alliance as
01:55 - 01:59if I would ever change my mind. Let's ask Ryan what he thinks
01:58 - 02:04because clearly these guys can't remember how gay they used to be back then
02:04 - 02:07So Ryan tell us why horde is better
02:07 - 02:07ok
02:09 - 02:14Well I actually kind of like alliance and Night elf druids are cooler than taurens by a long shot
02:14 - 02:20and I feel like for sustainability we should all get the opportunity to pursue our dreams and relive the past
02:18 - 02:22[Collin] see Ryan is being reasonable
02:22 - 02:24so if you would just listen
02:25 - 02:27and JD you could solve your own problem
02:27 - 02:29[Collin] stop laughing you frog fuck
02:29 - 02:31because gnomes have escape artist
02:31 - 02:33and if you ever tried alliance
02:33 - 02:35you would see it's not that bad
02:35 - 02:38Is this audience full of moron cata babies?
02:39 - 02:42[Announcer] Some people began to leave
02:42 - 02:44and offered their condolences
02:44 - 02:46to Collin because it was clear
02:46 - 02:51he would never get to play a paladin for the rest of his life
02:51 - 02:54and you can see JD leaving as if it's all a joke