Henry in LOVE.. with himself
Henry in LOVE.. with himself.. This is a story of the END END END END


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00:00 - 00:05The Passing OF the Torch
00:05 - 00:08A young lad named Henry Saari
00:09 - 00:12Mysteriously arrives in Trench Wars after the complete implosion of DSB
00:12 - 00:14Look there is Jessup ...a TW staffer
00:14 - 00:18I should be able to fit right in here now DSB is gone.
00:19 - 00:24It was a shame what happened there, but this could be a new beginning.
00:25 - 00:26WOW!
00:26 - 00:29Looks like we may get this Sysop from DSB on staff now..
00:30 - 00:33I'm studying this Ban Mod guide Pure_luck said we all must verse ourselves on regarding rules.
00:34 - 00:35Hi Pure_Luck!
00:37 - 00:40Here are my DSB credentials I promised for my staff application.
00:41 - 00:43I was VERY well known there.
00:44 - 00:46These are all the names who used to play with me there!
00:46 - 00:49But.. as you know the game is dying and DSB is no more..
00:50 - 00:55Hmm.. this is ok ..I'm actually retiring as staff soon myself sadly
00:58 - 01:04But... if we make you staff you must follow our rules as this delicate flower....this is of upmost importance.
01:05 - 01:07You can count on me!! I will be steadfast in my position!!
01:08 - 01:12Thanks so much.. Cheers!
01:14 - 01:17Pure_luck.. I studied my ban mod guide for a few hours just now! Hi .. Hi
01:18 - 01:20I am glad we don't allow spamming, favoritism and rule breaking
01:20 - 01:23This is so great to be part of your staff team and be intrusted as a ban mod!
01:24 - 01:30It means so much to me. I love this game.. okok also I saw Henry Saairi is staff too now from DSB??.. Exciting news!
01:30 - 01:33You gave him the ban mod rule book too right? I know how important it is.
01:33 - 01:37Oh ya ya .. I just now explained how important it is to him. He is talking to Beasty right now .
01:38 - 01:40He is over there being promoted to Mod right now.
01:40 - 01:43ok thanks so much .. Back to my Ban Mod studies!
01:50 - 01:54Pure_luck, I'm ready to start my job as Sysop.. where is Jessup?
01:54 - 01:57She is training ZH's in ?go staff
02:03 - 02:06Hi Jess. Congrats on becoming a ban mod.
02:06 - 02:09Hello..ohhhh Thanks!! I've worked for years to get here
02:09 - 02:11Ya thats nice
02:11 - 02:14That is why I'm giving you this bag of names of people who quit DSB
02:15 - 02:19You can have this flower too and all it stands for.
02:19 - 02:24On btw I'm axing you as staff.. screw the rulebook. I'm king here now bitches....
02:25 - 02:32Your Fucked Trench Wars.. THE END