ESPN Deportes on Ole Miss Football and the NCAA

71,852 views • 12/13/2016


ESPN Deportes College Football Live discusses how Ole Miss has handled the ongoing NCAA investigation into their football team.


00:00 - 00:01So
00:00 - 00:05So Ole Miss is telling these kids "Hey come here and get paid...
00:05 - 00:07....come here and do whatever you want"
00:07 - 00:10And they got great players. Especially Nkemdiche.
00:11 - 00:16They beat Alabama two years in a row and went to a Sugar Bowl. All this despite having Hugh Freeze as a head coach.
00:17 - 00:21And then the NCAA came to town and crashed the party
00:21 - 00:24Hey Hugh
00:29 - 00:31Hey Hugh
00:31 - 00:34You really thought you were going to get away with this?!
00:38 - 00:40Hey Hugh
00:41 - 00:47You really thought these kids from all over the country wanted to come to a school who's mascot is Colonel Reb
00:47 - 00:50You have frat boys waving Rebel Flags in the stands,
00:50 - 00:56Ole Miss has never even been to an SEC Championship game, and you really expected to get away with this
00:58 - 00:59then Laremy Tunsil sells them out
00:59 - 01:01at the NFL Draft on live TV
01:04 - 01:06after someone hacked his twitter
01:06 - 01:08and posted a video of him smoking weed
01:13 - 01:14it's true
01:14 - 01:16then they leaked direct messages
01:16 - 01:20between him and coaches about giving him money
01:21 - 01:27It gets better, they started telling their fans the NCAA was going to accept their self imposed penalties
01:35 - 01:36They were giving recruits
01:36 - 01:39big bags of cash on their visits
01:41 - 01:44and their whole plan was
01:44 - 01:47When the NCAA comes everyone will keep their mouth shut
01:47 - 01:49because their wallets are fat
01:50 - 01:53Archie says we will be fine
01:54 - 01:56Their counsel
01:56 - 01:58floated the idea
01:58 - 02:02we should get on the offensive and just sue the NCAA
02:05 - 02:07it's true
02:10 - 02:11And then
02:11 - 02:13on top of that
02:15 - 02:17Mississippi State came to Oxford
02:17 - 02:20and won the Egg Bowl 55-20 and kept them from going to a bowl game
02:21 - 02:28if that wasn't bad enough, Mississippi State got to go to a bowl game at 5-7 while Ole Miss stays at home with the same record
02:29 - 02:30State is going to a bowl?
02:30 - 02:32The St. Petersburg Bowl
02:36 - 02:39it's not a great bowl
02:40 - 02:42but it's better than staying at home
02:50 - 02:55I can't wait to see what this bunch does next
02:56 - 02:58What about Shea Patterson?
02:58 - 03:04I almost forgot, they burned his redshirt to try and make a bowl game
03:04 - 03:09and what do you know that didn't work out either
03:09 - 03:11the next Johnny Manziel
03:16 - 03:20"LSU is our real rival"
03:23 - 03:26They really say that I promise
03:31 - 03:36The best is yet to come, I can't to wait to come back on the show once the NCAA brings the hammer