Special General Assembly Meeting
Hall Remodel Meeting because the Parish Council can no longer be trusted.



00:00 - 00:01Its not safe, we need to go
00:00 - 00:04Can you believe the Parish Council wants to spend 400K on a bathroom !
00:05 - 00:06No shit
00:06 - 00:10Yes shit.. no shitter should cost more than 300K. We need a new grease trap
00:11 - 00:13Not a new poppy trap... no no no
00:13 - 00:17I want the microphone at the meeting , but Nick is so big and strong
00:17 - 00:21I must be able to be heard, what if I jump around like a crazy person
00:21 - 00:24Good idea, act nuts everyone will love it and you will get your way...
00:24 - 00:25Make sure to bring all our friends and family
00:26 - 00:27what about a gender neutral
00:27 - 00:30Yes that matters most boys being girls
00:30 - 00:32The parish council are poo poo heads
00:32 - 00:35I don't need to empty my diaper in a 400K room
00:36 - 00:37Lets empty our diaper in the grease trap
00:42 - 00:45Get out of the this kitchen