Hitler discusses empty spot in his pinball line up
Hitler discusses empty spot in his pinball line up and Monster Bash news


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00:00 - 00:03We just got the latest reports on Pinside.
00:04 - 00:05Monster Bash was again a no show.
00:05 - 00:07This time at the IFA in Berlin.
00:08 - 00:12Independently reported by local pinsiders
00:12 - 00:15from here and here.
00:17 - 00:19What about our gameroom plans?
00:19 - 00:21Will Monster Bash be ready for our fall tournament?
00:24 - 00:26My Leader,
00:27 - 00:28Rick,
00:31 - 00:33Rick has lost the Williams rights.
00:34 - 00:36All his jacking around finally got him in trouble.
00:53 - 00:58Everyone step outside unless you own MM, AFM, MB, or TOTAN.
01:13 - 01:15This is a total shit-show!
01:15 - 01:17Why can't Rick get his act together?!
01:18 - 01:23MB was supposed to be shown at TPF in spring!
01:25 - 01:28You guys convinced me to get the holy trifecta of Williams remakes.
01:29 - 01:31And I fucking listened to you!
01:31 - 01:34Now what about our gameroom, you morons?
01:34 - 01:37You putzes said the additions to MB would set new standards!
01:37 - 01:40When I wanted to order IMDN LE, you all said to wait for MB!
01:40 - 01:42Leader, pinsiders said they had -very- reliable sources.
01:42 - 01:46Reliable sources! Are you kidding? Very reliable?!
01:46 - 01:48But leader, we couldn't know Doug would leave CGC!
01:48 - 01:52Fuck these excuses! Any other choice, our gameroom would be complete!
01:53 - 01:54Any other choice.
01:56 - 01:57American pinball is delivering catapult-launching Houdinis.
01:57 - 02:00Spooky has bass-pounding, reactor blowing TNA.
02:00 - 02:03But I got an empty space in my line up!
02:04 - 02:08I hear Stalin has the last 4 Stern premiums for his tournament.
02:08 - 02:13That wanker Mussolini has every JJP in his line up.
02:14 - 02:16Iron Maiden LE was in my grasp! I had money in hand!
02:17 - 02:21Then you guys rant about HD color, more monsters, revolutionary toppers. Vapor!
02:27 - 02:29Who's going to come to our tournament?
02:30 - 02:34Will you make me a laughing stock?
02:34 - 02:36I won't have it! Fill our empty spot!
02:41 - 02:42You said PPS and CGC proved themselves.
02:43 - 02:47Forget it. It's all Stern LE's from here out.
02:48 - 02:53Maybe we can get IMDN premium in time.
02:54 - 02:56At least Stern knows how to deliver.
02:56 - 02:59You pay your money, you get your machine!
03:00 - 03:02I could be hitting the 3-segment Pharaoh bullseye with color accentuating LEDs!
03:04 - 03:07He doesn't know about Spike node boards.
03:14 - 03:16We need something different or rare.
03:19 - 03:23That people will at least want to see.
03:25 - 03:26Let's get Homepin's Thunderbirds.
03:31 - 03:33It's got shaking trees.
03:40 - 03:46If you think we're going to have a pin-party with an empty spot in our line up
03:46 - 03:49you're out of your skull.
03:53 - 03:56Call Mike.