All Good Then
10 years down the line, when Phil does his 'Life Stories' with Piers Morgan


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00:00 - 00:05So I gotta call from Brian, "Hey, Phil, come in, I've got some news"
00:05 - 00:07"Disney just called and they want us!"
00:07 - 00:10I couldn't believe it... Disney.. The Mouse!
00:11 - 00:16We opened up the brief to see where in the world we would be going to make the next great Disney installment..
00:17 - 00:21... and they wanted to go to China!
00:21 - 00:24China....!
00:26 - 00:28wait, there's more..
00:29 - 00:31they wanted to film animals!
00:31 - 00:34... wild ones!!
00:38 - 00:40Cranes. Monkeys.. SNot in a zoo, where you can get in, get nice close ups and give them and give them a little cuddle... but in the wild.ome kinda antelope!
00:41 - 00:47Cranes. Monkeys.. Some kinda antelope!
00:47 - 00:50..wild pandas! and .. and snow leopards!
00:50 - 00:56..and they wanted the snow leopard..
00:58 - 00:59.. to be the main character!!