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00:01 - 00:07We have breaking news just coming in from Uzbekistan
00:08 - 00:13Dr. Khalid from Afghanistan has just arrived and has been appointed Head of Health and Finance
00:14 - 00:18We have been inform from work colleagues that he is not a Dr. but works as a very bad Facility Manager in Kabul
00:19 - 00:20We can not understand how he managed to receive a Visa, he must have paid officials off.
00:21 - 00:23After asking Dr. Khalid for an interview he declined and told us he is busy in the operating theater
00:24 - 00:30We did managed to find his girlfriend and she did want to talk to us.
00:31 - 00:35So you are the Tart from the Dr. K
00:36 - 00:38Yes I am
00:39 - 00:42How long have you known him?
00:43 - 00:46Not long, he pestered me via Facebook.
00:46 - 00:49Was you happy with this.
00:49 - 00:52No I felt very uncomfortable and cannot wait until he Fucks Off!