Ally heres Uefa have Reinstated Celtic in europe
Ally heres Uefa have Reinstated Celtic in europes Champions League,and hes not happy


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00:02 - 00:04Is That Fucking Uefa on The Line
00:05 - 00:07Yes...ally your pies in the oven bye the way
00:08 - 00:14celtic lost 6-1 on aggregate but legia warsaw feilded a illegal immigrant so celtic got a 3-0 win putting them through ...
00:15 - 00:16Whats This shite celtic are back in the champions league
00:17 - 00:18uefa love them ally they want another 1967 and 10 in a row ........
00:18 - 00:20shit shit
00:22 - 00:23...
00:23 - 00:29first they get the commonwealth games and now you reinstate them back into europe after getting a pumping...rangers were shafted by all you timmy bastas
00:29 - 00:30pay yer bills maybe we talk...
00:31 - 00:36we are the people.....
00:36 - 00:40i here hearts pumped youse to lol.........
00:40 - 00:46and hibs want there ticket money ...so pay up!!
00:46 - 00:51your looking at another liquidation event like rangers 1873-2012
00:51 - 00:54You are corrupt and insane.
00:55 - 01:00we are sevco5088 the new world order we own you taigy bastas....
01:02 - 01:04thats it im going for a dump
01:05 - 01:10all this good celtic news is giving me the the shits!!!!
01:11 - 01:16do you want the green or white bog roll ally
01:16 - 01:17Piss off