The response
A response to the citizens of chewjitsu from your surpreme leader


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00:01 - 00:07Good evening citizens of Chewjitsu
00:08 - 00:13I am here tonight to read a prepared statement by our Supreme Leader
00:14 - 00:18It is an honor to take over leadership of the chewjitsu group
00:19 - 00:20Some of you have doubts
00:21 - 00:23Of my ability to lead this group into the future.
00:24 - 00:30Tonight I just wanted to assure you that I will issue swift but fair justice.
00:31 - 00:35I will do my best to honor Chewy with all choices made especially the new name
00:36 - 00:38Some call me a no good blue belt troll.
00:39 - 00:42Guilty as charged
00:43 - 00:46But I have a vision to keep this group alive and growing
00:46 - 00:49As long as Ryan doesn't ban everyone first
00:49 - 00:52Have a great evening citizens of chewjitsu.