Slow Play Management
How to avoid slow play


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00:01 - 00:07Greetings from our great leader Kim Jong Un
00:08 - 00:13This is his advice on Slow Play Management
00:14 - 00:18Slow play is usually caused by golfers with an inflated sense of self importance
00:19 - 00:20In North Korea
00:21 - 00:23All golfers must play
00:24 - 00:30each hole play within the time duration set by Kim Jong Un
00:31 - 00:35Our marshals are armed with poison darts, knives and guns
00:36 - 00:38Slow players can be poisoned,
00:39 - 00:42stabbed or shot by our marshals.
00:43 - 00:46Since implementing these measures
00:46 - 00:49there has been no complaints of slow play
00:49 - 00:52SICC should follow these best practices