Peter hears Queen of the South beat Rangers
Queen of the South 3 Rangers 0


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00:00 - 00:02Speak to my friend Peter McVerry. He is waiting on Queen of the South for his coupon
00:02 - 00:04They are playing The Rangers. Wynd him up
00:05 - 00:06Can you believe that cunt Tam Morgan
00:07 - 00:08Here I've got some news for you
00:08 - 00:11He keeps slagging Celtic
00:12 - 00:13My friend Chris Higgins is playing for Queen of the South against The Rangers tonight
00:13 - 00:16I'm so proud of him. I've bet Queen of the South to win
00:16 - 00:18I'm sorry to inform you that Rangers are winning
00:18 - 00:21I knew that would happen. Rangers have got away with cheating for years.
00:21 - 00:25They are a new team and have no history!
00:25 - 00:27Tam Morgan can talk shite all he wants
00:28 - 00:29The Rangers are struggling to finish 2nd in the first division
00:30 - 00:33They came back as zombies and pretend to be the same team!
00:34 - 00:37I can't believe the jammy bastards tonight though. Tam Morgan will be enjoying that
00:37 - 00:38I was only kidding!
00:39 - 00:41Queen of the South beat them 3-0
00:41 - 00:443-0 to Higgy's team?........Fuck off!
00:44 - 00:46Honestly. The Huns are calling Celtic fans obsessed again!