Kayle mains find out new rework is coming
A little joke I made while I was looking in this one server I thought it was pretty funny to do no


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00:00 - 00:02I love playing Jax Top
00:02 - 00:04Dude Jax top is so op
00:05 - 00:06I'm a kayle main
00:07 - 00:08ahh a kayle main
00:08 - 00:11I heard you rework is sexy
00:12 - 00:13no the new Kayle can't jungle
00:13 - 00:16Also you getting bullied by Riven and Jayce
00:16 - 00:18Well they are lane bullies
00:18 - 00:21the fact that riot buffs Riven every season is op
00:21 - 00:25Riot never gives us any new skins
00:25 - 00:27They rather make prestige skins
00:28 - 00:29Like Ahri and lux
00:30 - 00:33I just miss the old days of league when kayle can do any lane
00:34 - 00:37but now I don't what to do kayle is only champ I play
00:37 - 00:38Riot is giving kayle a update
00:39 - 00:41Riot is giving kayle another update
00:41 - 00:44Another update?
00:44 - 00:46They removed her glowing eyes