Susilo Restaurant
Subtitled by Friedrich and Daniel


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00:00 - 00:00Right now they're preparing one of their famous meals. I'm very curious about it!
00:00 - 00:00Welcome to Mitsuta's Restaurant Adviser
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00:00 - 00:00Hello I´m Hui and I´m standing right here in Bangkok presenting to you the city's newest gourmet restaurant
00:00 - 00:00Behind me you can see Gi Jian the famous cook and his wife
00:00 - 00:00Here you can see how they´re preparing a soup which needs gentle shaking of the ingredients
00:00 - 00:01You might wonder why the soup is red? We don´t know, too, it's a secret to everybody! That's why we're not allowed to show you.
00:01 - 00:01The olny thing we can show is how the prepared soup looks like.
00:01 - 00:01In addition to the soup there are some salads among which you can select one!
00:01 - 00:01Of course they serve the meals with freshly grilled chicken sticks.
00:01 - 00:01To make these sticks as delicious as they are, it's very important how you turn them onto the grill
00:01 - 00:01The restaurant has just opened and I took a few days off at work just to come here!
00:01 - 00:02The atmosphere is just excellent as well as the food! You can see the happy people enjoying their meals!
00:02 - 00:02Like a customer told us the Iskandar Soup with baked grasshopper is just a wonderful experience!
00:02 - 00:02As you see she must be telling the truth. The restaurant is crowded with people and the staff is almost not capable of cooking all the meals. We hope they will