OVERLORD blu-ray commercial sub

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A translation of the "pure pure pleades" style chibi commercial for the OVERLORD anime blu-ray releases. Subbed by /a/non.


00:00 - 00:05So it's finally time for the BD's and dvd's to be sold!
00:05 - 00:08hmm.. Good luck with the advertising they said, but..
00:09 - 00:12Aren't they are being too wishy-washy about all this?
00:12 - 00:14Is something troubling you Ainz-sama?
00:14 - 00:16Oh? Albedo.
00:17 - 00:23Hm? Wouldn't it be more profitable if Albedo advertised this rather than me?
00:24 - 00:28That should work! People would rather listen to a beauty, than a skeleton..
00:28 - 00:29Ainz-sama?
00:30 - 00:33The truth is I have a favor to ask of you.
00:33 - 00:34Would you please listen to it?
00:34 - 00:38Ainz-sama has a personal request for me?!
00:39 - 00:42Aah! What should I do?!
00:42 - 00:45Would it be preferable if I kept my clothes on?
00:45 - 00:47C-Calm down Albedo!
00:49 - 00:51This is what I am referring to.
00:51 - 00:54Oh.. What is that?
00:54 - 00:57This is something called a "blu-ray".
00:57 - 01:04This is a incredible item which let's you watch recorded footage whenever you'd like.
01:04 - 01:07I am thinking of letting humans buy these.
01:07 - 01:14Wha-! Selling such wonderful items to the likes of lower beings?!
01:15 - 01:19Ainz-sama. Pardon me but if you only gave the order-
01:19 - 01:25Starting with me, Sebas, Cocyutos, Shallchair, Aura, Mare, and all the remaining guardians
01:25 - 01:29The Pleades, and the whole of Nazarick would surely buy these-!
01:29 - 01:33Wait, wait. That would limit the sales numbers, and you see...
01:33 - 01:38Well then I shall buy 10, or a 100 thousand copies!
01:38 - 01:42Albedo.. I will graciously accept those feelings of yours.
01:42 - 01:48However this is an item which is meant to be watched by a wast amount of people.
01:48 - 01:54Well then let us conquer a handful of small villages, and have those lower being buy them.
01:54 - 01:55That won't do!
01:55 - 01:59This is to be sold efficiently and customer friendly!
01:59 - 02:06I want the people that bought this to be motivated to tell other humans that "this is a fantastic product!"
02:06 - 02:07B-but...
02:07 - 02:11Even if it's me that asks you?
02:11 - 02:17Ah.. Even at the stake of my life, I Albedo that forfill Ainz's request!
02:17 - 02:20*Imp/succubtt moaning*
02:21 - 02:23..This is so tiring...
02:23 - 02:26Well then. Let us try some practicing.
02:26 - 02:28Practice you say?
02:28 - 02:31Yes.. Our target audience are humans.
02:31 - 02:37We will need to behave like humans. I will show you an example, so watch closely.
02:37 - 02:44Oh.. To be receiving education from Ainz.. I am so blessed.
02:45 - 02:46*Ehem*
02:46 - 02:50Well then for Overlord Vol.1 I would like you to take a look at this.
02:50 - 02:54A collection box fully illustrated with characters by So-bin.
02:54 - 02:57~~Kyaa! Ainz is so dreamy!
02:57 - 03:06Furthermore a supplements case illustrated by So-bin, and a Digital pack with the designs of Yoshimatsu Takahiro!
03:06 - 03:11*Imp/succubtt moaning* Ainz-sama's so friggin cool~~!
03:11 - 03:17Even furthermore Vol.1 includes a original short story by Maruyama Kugane!
03:17 - 03:19Well. I was thinking something like this.
03:19 - 03:23*Imp/succubtt moaning*
03:23 - 03:29Understood. I shall preform this task in a manner worthy of Ainz-sama!
03:29 - 03:30*Ehem*
03:30 - 03:37The included short story is a special ark illustrating the lives of the guardians of Nazarick.
03:37 - 03:42It is a story that unveils the lesser known lives of me and others serving under Ainz.
03:42 - 03:44A must have written for the fans.
03:44 - 03:51I-Incredible.. If I was still Suzuki Satoru I would already have bought this by now.
03:51 - 03:58Also included is a special leaflet with a manga by Miyama Furgin.
03:58 - 04:03As well as extra presents like character cards, audio commentary tracks-
04:03 - 04:09and the special chibi series "Pure Pure Pleadies" will be delivered to you in their full luxury!
04:09 - 04:11It-It's perfect~~!
04:12 - 04:16With this no one should be able to complain and yet- What is with this sense of defeat?
04:16 - 04:20*Ehem* Albedo. That was superb!
04:21 - 04:23Thank you for those words of praise.
04:23 - 04:27I did my best to wash away those earlier failures.
04:27 - 04:35Umn.. It would be fine for you to praise me even more! Like petting my head, or.. You know.
04:35 - 04:37Well then gentlemen!
04:38 - 04:42The TV anime Overlord blu-ray and dvd (sixth release).
04:42 - 04:47Those that claim to swear allegiance to Ainz Ooal Gown.. Must all buy them!
04:47 - 04:50If you refrain from purchase I will crush you.
04:50 - 04:52YOU INFERIOR BEINGS!!!!
04:52 - 04:55A...Albedo..?