USA Table Tennis Bans Hitler from Olympic Trials
Hitler learns that USA Table Tennis has banned him from competition for his repeated attempts to kill the opposition. (Created by Larry Hodges)


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00:00 - 00:01USATT has banned you from the Table Tennis Tryouts.
00:02 - 00:04I have trained for this all my life.
00:05 - 00:06How can they do this to me?!!!
00:07 - 00:09I was so very, very close!!!
00:10 - 00:13I practiced so hard, day after day.
00:13 - 00:14I learned to illegally hide my serve and use speed glue!
00:15 - 00:17I blackmailed every umpire! Let me play!!!
00:17 - 00:17Let me play!!!
00:18 - 00:18Let me play!!!
00:19 - 00:22Let me play!!!