Idle Heroes' 3rd anniversary
A whole community looked forward to the 3rd anniversary of Idle Heroes. People saved for months, spent a lot of money and everybody hoped for some copies Ramen. This is a short summary of every players experience out there.


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00:00 - 00:05So 3rd anniversary just happened. 6 months of saving HS. Was fucking hard to not spend them before
00:05 - 00:07I was hyped. Finally I could spend my 2000 HS.
00:07 - 00:10I was staying awake the whole night and waited for the event
00:11 - 00:16I even spend 700$ to get enough scrolls. Really wanted the new op Dark Priest, at least 2 copies
00:17 - 00:21Guess what. Within the 2000 scrolls I found two Penny and not a single Amen-Ra.
00:21 - 00:24Not a single copy of that fucking Dark Priest.
00:29 - 00:316 months of saving scrolls
00:31 - 00:34All I asked for was having enough copies for my first 10* hero
00:38 - 00:40And now I am still running a 9* Norma
00:41 - 00:47World chat is already making fun of me since the release of Aspen. Couldn't find a guild with my weak ass powerlevel yet
00:47 - 00:50Every single guild I applied to told me,
00:50 - 00:56that with a powerlevel of 300k I should rather consider to delete the game
00:58 - 00:59And those 700$ I spent,
00:59 - 01:01Took me a year to save so much cash
01:04 - 01:06Now I'm a broke ass bitch
01:06 - 01:08I am eating nothing but white bread,
01:13 - 01:14and Pasta since months now
01:14 - 01:16Would die for an apple or a pizza slize
01:16 - 01:20But can't even afford tooth paste to brush my teeth
01:21 - 01:27I am using my toilet paper twice so I don't have to buy new one. Could've just thrown the cash out of the window as well
01:35 - 01:36DH games said,
01:36 - 01:39that they increased the droprates for new heroes.
01:41 - 01:44Every patient player should have the chance to get Ramen
01:44 - 01:47I mean, why should they just leave all of us high and dry
01:47 - 01:49Some players I know even took out a loan
01:50 - 01:53and all they get from DH is just enough 3* Altar food,
01:54 - 01:56just to be able to buy..
01:56 - 01:58a freshly nerfed Valk and a shit ass KB
01:58 - 02:02I mean if I wouldn't have seen it myself I would probably not believe it
02:05 - 02:07They basically gave us their fuck-finger
02:10 - 02:11They make so much $,
02:11 - 02:13and all they give us are Dragon Slayers
02:15 - 02:17Some guy on my server is so desperate,
02:17 - 02:20that his first e5 hero is a Faceless because he could'nt evend find Penny
02:21 - 02:28Don't forget that we are talking about a fvcking mobile game where 90% of the time we just idle and hope for some 5* shard campaign drops
02:29 - 02:30You ever found one?
02:30 - 02:32Of course I did not who do you think you are talking to
02:36 - 02:39My best campaign drop was a red 3* amulet, 2 months ago
02:40 - 02:42I use that amu on my 9* Norma 'cause I got nothing else
02:50 - 02:55I really hoped that with the 2000 scrolls I would become a seriously strong player
02:56 - 02:58Will ever spend $ on IH again?
02:58 - 03:04To be honest I already thought about it, of course I did. Even my 10 years old cousin beats me in Arena.
03:04 - 03:09I am chanceless against his 10* Queen and he never spend a single $
03:09 - 03:11No Idea where he got 5 Queen copies from.
03:16 - 03:20Ok serious talk, this morning I bought value packs.
03:23 - 03:26And guess what, 500$ later still no Ramen copy
03:31 - 03:36But I am pretty sure, next anniversary I will have more luck. I already starting saving my money again.