NcSoft Lineage 2 Classic (3 October)
NcSoft Lineage 2 Classic, which was released on 3 October 2018


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00:00 - 00:03We announced an opening of a new NCsoft L2 Classic servers on 3 October
00:04 - 00:07We released VIP package for $ 30 each, which increase xp rates for 50%
00:08 - 00:11You know how many people bought it? Almost 15.000 people
00:11 - 00:13We said VIP packs will be available ONLY before 3 October
00:14 - 00:16And you know what?
00:17 - 00:19We've reduced all other rates 4 times.
00:20 - 00:22We reduced all other rates...
00:29 - 00:314 times...
00:31 - 00:33People don't have adena even to buy shots..
00:41 - 00:42We reduced everything
00:42 - 00:43There are people lv 40 with no grade weapons
00:43 - 00:45They can't even buy soe or shots
00:45 - 00:48We did the same with spoil and drops - they can't BUY or DROP anything
00:48 - 00:54People complain, but some guys saying that this is true L2 experience..
00:57 - 00:59And you know what we did?
01:00 - 01:03We said on forum that we will check the rates with DEV team
01:04 - 01:06and they believed us...
01:07 - 01:09We employ over 3,000 people and we need a week to check this
01:14 - 01:16And you know what is the best?
01:17 - 01:21We put a soulshots to L2 store, so people can buy it...
01:21 - 01:26They are complaining, but they cant't play without shots, so they are buying them
01:34 - 01:39We don't want them to level too much, so we put 20% xp drop on death
01:41 - 01:44But we said that everyone who will buy a 30$ L2 pack, will get 3.000 NcCoins
01:44 - 01:47Will be able to spend L2Coins on whatever he likes in L2 store
01:47 - 01:49On soulshots, services, materials..
01:50 - 01:53But we have forgot to put L2Coins on their accounts
01:54 - 01:56They don't have L2coins, so they need to buy again
01:56 - 01:58They can't play without a shots, so they are buying
01:58 - 02:02We said we will look into this, but there was a weekend, so we are still looking
02:05 - 02:07what a nerds...
02:09 - 02:11and some guys saying this is a true L2 Classic experience
02:11 - 02:13that it must be hard to be fun
02:15 - 02:17that this is like the L2 in Old Days
02:17 - 02:20that you don't need shots to have fun
02:21 - 02:28We said that a game is a F2P, but they cannot connect if they don't have a 30$ package
02:29 - 02:30They cannot enter a server?
02:30 - 02:32No, they did not pay, so they wait in the queque
02:36 - 02:39There are 500 people in the queue
02:40 - 02:42We said you can buy L2 pack till 3 October, but you can still buy it
02:50 - 02:55We are doing the same since 2003, but these nerds are so dumb...
02:56 - 02:58and what are you going to do next?
02:58 - 03:04We said, that we are checking rates with Dev, that this need some additional consultations and are working on it
03:04 - 03:09But as you can see I am here, and I don't really know guy with a name "Dev"
03:09 - 03:13We will issue some patch for sure, but we will need to put another "bug" to get somehow money from this nerds
03:16 - 03:20Maybe you would like to buy a 30$ L2 Package?
03:23 - 03:26You will get 50% more xp rates.
03:31 - 03:36and we will get you 3.000 L2Coins so you will be able to buy shots